Salem in October

Anyone who has spent time in Salem Massachusetts in October knows how crazy and awesome this time of year is. The costumes, the crowds, and the festivities made this quiet seaside town a must for my bucket list. The history of Salem is awash with trials and tribulations, in both the figurative and literal sense. It is the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials and the historic house of seven gables. Salem is also a crucial site regarding the American Revolution. History is abound in this beautiful seaside town.

Halloween is especially entertaining because it comes alive with the unique, the fanciful, and the macabre. This experience definitely left a lasting impression on me, and as such I want to create that feeling in some of the designs we carry at this time of year. That is not enough. Not for me. I want everyone to have a piece of this time of year that they can take with them and hold on to so that feeling of sheer awe an anticipation fall brings never fades.

This is why we are holding a special sale for the month of October. I call it the Salem sale. For the following products, Autumn Cats, Halloween, and The Raven we are offering a special promotion in celebration of Halloween. From now until midnight on Halloween, you can purchase these designs at 40% off their regular price. We are practically giving them away. If you type in salem in the discount code section of the checkout page when entering your payment method, you’ll receive 40% off these specific products. Act now, our supplies are limited and this special may not last until the end of the month.