I need more Ari's

I have this friend who has battled anxiety, depression, and a chronic pain condition known as fibromyalgia. Upon hearing of my efforts with JSP Design, he expressed how proud he was of the work I was doing and ordered a shirt from my site. He then told me upon receiving his shirt that it made him feel better, special, as if he was a part of a super secret club (something I have since heard from a few other people).

While this may only be on a superficial level, I knew I was on to something. This made me realize I want...no...I need more Ari’s! That’s why I’m writing this to you, I am running the “I need more Ari’s” promotion. With the purchase on all of my products, if you type in Ari in the discount code section of the checkout page when entering your payment method, you’ll receive 40% off your entire order! This is a limited time offer! Don’t miss out!